Cyber Security


Because of the increasing prominence of cyber-attacks and scams in the news, you may be concerned about your system security. Based in the heart of London, SIEL are a firm of cybersecurity specialists. We can carry out a comprehensive review of your cybersecurity and recommend solutions appropriate to your organisation.

Cybersecurity has become an issue of vital importance to many firms. It’s not just damage to your reputation and the loss of client confidence that could come from a breach in your systems: new data protection legislation (GDPR) has created the possibility of large fines for firms who do not take cybersecurity seriously.

  • Cybersecurity review by experienced IT consultants

  • Recommendations and solutions to defend against cyber-attacks

  • Reduce the risk of reputational damage

  • Gain Cyber Essentials certification for your business

  • Fixed price quotation for security review

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials is a Government Scheme, developed by the National Cyber Security Centre. SIEL can help your firm to qualify for this certification, which above all shows your clients that your cybersecurity complies with a recognised national standard. This certification lets you attract new business with the promise that you have robust cybersecurity measures in place. Already, Cyber Essentials is required for many Government contracts and more industries are likely to follow.

Peace of mind for you and your clients

At SIEL, we have experience of carrying out cybersecurity review projects for clients operating in varied industries. We are aware of the current best practice and are up to date on many industry-specific standards and requirements. We have many current clients working in highly-regulated industries, such as financial services. In the past, our cybersecurity reviews have revealed problems that could have caused serious risk to the firms and their own clients.

Working closely with you, we will look at the cybersecurity measures you already have in place for your organisation. Secondly, we determine if they are right for you. Following this, we will suggest ways you can improve, based on our expertise and your business priorities.

Cybersecurity experts

Our engineers are highly experienced in cybersecurity because we carry out lots of these reviews. Additionally, we get the work done quickly, methodically and with minimum disruption to your business. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to security: cyber attacks are constantly changing, and cybersecurity must do the same.

  • Policies. Firstly, SIEL’s consultants will review your existing IT policies. We need to make sure they are fit for purpose and have been explained to all of the right people. We will look at your disaster recovery plans, as well as your backup process and policy.

  • Access. Are your user’s permission levels and passwords appropriate? As well as technical security we look into the physical security of your systems. For example, only a small list of people should have access to your servers.

  • Portable devices. Cybersecurity could be perfect in your office, but more employees find it easier to work away from their desk. Does your high standard of security still apply when your company data leaves the building?

  • Testing. Once we are sure your system is secure, we perform penetration testing to review the cybersecurity systems and policies. If there are still any failures or weak points, we can make further suggestions.