Apple Mac Repair

Our Apple repair service is second to none in the London and surrounding area, and we’ll repair just about any Apple product.

From liquid damage to faulty screens, ensure your Apple device is in top form. No matter the fault, we can repair or replace it.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your hardware or software, keeping your device up to date can be a hassle. Don’t be stuck on outdated software or hardware.


Repair and replace Apple Mac screens

We’ll replace a cracked or damaged display with a brand new LCD or LED. It’s a fast and easy service and our screen replacements are usually completed the same day your Mac arrives to us. To ensure your new screen is of the maximum quality, we use only new LCD / LED screens. All our Mac screens carry a 1 year warranty against defects.

Repair and replace Apple Mac Cases

Replace the exterior casing of your Mac with a new one, to give your Mac that fresh, up-to-date look. The top case on the Mac includes the trackpad, palm rest area and the keyboard, whereas the bottom case is the lower part of your laptop where the ports are found.

Hard Drives

If your hard drive is slow or clicking, or you need more space to store your music, photos and files a new hard drive can get your Mac running smoothly again. Improve the overall performance of your Mac with a new 7200rpm hard drive. These drives offer the fastest access to your files and will increase overall machine speed with little impact on battery life. 7200rpm drives are recommended for use with video and professional apps.

We also provide Data Transfer and Data Recovery services. If your old hard drive has failed, we’ll replace it with a new one and install a new operating system. We are Mac data recovery ninjas, so we can also endeavour to recover any indispensable files you may have lost.

Apple Mac Logic Boards

Get your Mac working smoothly again with a logic board replacement. The Logic Board is the main board and holds many of the crucial components of the system. If your Mac is overheating, freezing, or behaving unreliably, it may be that your logic board needs repairing or upgrading. If you have spilt liquid on your Mac, unplug the power and turn it off immediately. Bring it to us ASAP, we may be able to save it.